a full house

Full House

With all the accumulation of things, when do you consider a house officially full?

Two New Acquisition Events

Recently, we’ve brought more “stuff” into the house in two very different events.  The first was a few of my purchases from my local yarn store (Twist Knitting and Spinning) and the second was another mushroom foraging adventure that yielded pounds of mushrooms.

First the stash acquisition…

Twist Purchases

This is:
The second acquisition was actually made by Thaddeus and a friend of his.
Chanterelle Basket
This is just one of two baskets overflowing with chanterelles.  The other basket was bigger and equally as filled beyond the brim with meaty fresh mushrooms.
I think our house is now officially full.

Current Knitting/Crochet/Spinning

I still have the three projects I’m working on in progress.
I’ve added another row to the crochet scarf.
I’ve added a couple of inches to the Mini Mochi baby blanket.
And I’ve ripped back the sock I found in my WIP’s pile back to the foot and re-worked the heel using  a modified Andersson Heel.
Fortissima Sock 07-18-13

The yarn is some Fortissima sock yarn, but you’ll note I am using my new Karbonz needles and I’m loving them.


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