Neon Hats

Neon Is The New Black

At this year’s past Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, we had a great presentation on yarn trends by one of the major yarn buyers in the industry, who told us that neon yarns have been big in Europe and will soon start to make it big here in the states.

European Invasion

He was exactly right.  Shachenmayr yarns and many others, have started promoting some of their bright and funky yarns that have been raging for about a year in Europe.
In fact, they started a contest called My Mountain US, which is a hat design/knit/crochet contest using their yarns to create unique hats the make a statement.

It’s super bulky yarn, so I was able to design and knit a hat in a little over a day.

Current Knitting

Meet Cherry Pie!

Cherry Pie Hat 3

I know I should have accessorized with a scarf and ski jacket, but it was about 98 degrees when I took these photos.

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