Pinterest Screen Shot

Pinterest and ADHD Don’t Mix!

Your friendly warning, Pinterest should be completely forbidden to those crafters with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Scattered Projects

Like I didn’t have enough projects going on (the Koigu Interlocking Scarf, the Mini Mochi Baby Blanket, the Fortissima Socks…and of course, the grave blanket and hexapuff blanket, etc., etc.).

It occurs to me, like a squirrel in the periphery of a dog’s vision, that I need another winter accessory for my contest submission photo for the My Mountain US, so I do a quick version of the Shachenmayer bulky cowl  shown on the yarn wrap.

Cherry Pie 10

It did help the photo submission look a bit more realistic (and those are EVERGREENS in the background).
I considered using this new Winter accessory that I kind of knit up in my off minutes.
Garter Stripe Slim Joe
Just a narrow garter stitch scarf with leftover wool I had sitting at my TV chair.
But then I see this cool knitted fabric on Pinterest:

And I love how the squares make a circle (kind of like my snowball quilt!).  So I go searching for a yarn to swatch this.  I find the perfect yarn, but for the life of me, I can’t find an unused pair of US 5 needles.

So I went back to working on my Koigu Interlocking Scarf.  Sheesh, I’m tired.

August Blog Challenge

Next month, I will attempt to post at least one photo a day to the blog.

Actual blog content will remain around 2 or 3 blog entries a week, but I will post at least one photo each day, even if I have no blog content associated with it.

Can’t wait…my Photo-A-Day month will focus primarily on color.

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