Exercising The Brain

I’ve always had a terribly memory…it’s like sometimes entire conversations just go missing from my brain.

Working On It

It seems that three things seem to help with helping me remember things:

  1. Stress reductions – when I’m stressed, my memory is worse, and whatever I can do to reduce stress (meditate, massage, sleep, etc.) seems to help me remember things.
  2. Vitamins – when I stick with a regimen of taking a good, natural multi-vitamin, I don’t have as many problems forgetting things.
  3. I forgot the third….hmmm…oh yeah, it’s exercising my mind and forcing myself to remember things I might otherwise just let go with the excuse of a bad memory.
The exercise part comes with playing word games on my iPhone.  I play Whirly Word and try to make sure I come up with every possible word listed before I go on to the next game.  Not always possible, but I get most of the words.
The forcing myself to remember things, often happens with peoples’ names or song titles.  I will go through multiple exercises to try and make myself remember…going through the alphabet, thinking about names of other people I know, trying to remember if I’ve set some mnemonic for the person, etc.  Again, it doesn’t always work, but I think just the exercise helps strengthen my memory.

Current Crochet

I’ve added a couple of more rows to the Koigu Interlocking Crochet Scarf.
Koigu Interlocking Scarf - 08-01-13
You can see, that even once I’v finished the scarf, I have a few colorful ends to weave in.

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