Photo A Day 08-27-13

Photo-A-Day 26

Today’s photo is actually a completed project that again, complies with the criteria for my daily photo selections.

Category:  Vibrant Colors
Subject:  Baby Blanket knit with Mini Mochi
Date Taken: August 25, 2013
Comments:  Normally, colorways in yarn dyed commercially leave something to be desired for me, but this yarn (it’s actually 4 balls of one colorway, and 1 ball of a second colorway) has everything I like in a long-repeat dyed yarn…it’s deep, broody colors…many random stripes and a palette that I find very satisfying.

Current Knitting

I finished the Mini Mochi baby blanket.  Here’s the boring from-up-above photo of the completed blanket.

Mini Mochi Baby Blanket 08-25-13

I used a simple garter-rib (3 x3) with a minimal garter boarder.  Simple and easy and even after a washing, I find the fabric soft and beautiful.

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