International Crochet Day

International Crochet Day

Okay, I don’t know why yesterday was International Crochet Day, but fortunately, I have been working on a crochet project.

Who Makes This Shit Up?

And more importantly, who puts text with such a stupid font on top of a beautiful closeup photo like this one?

I know my sister made up a day just for her family and celebrates it each year, calling it by her last name, for example McDonald Day (that’s not her last name).  I liked the idea and so did her husband and kids.

I’m going to just have to start QueerJoe Day…or should I give it a bit more gravitas and call it “International QueerJoe Day”?

Maybe a bad idea…just another day I’d forget every year, like my blogaversary…another example of some ridiculously made up concept.

Current Crochet

I started working with some of the leftover Koigu KPPPM I had near my television seat and got wrapped up in making these delightfully colorful squares.

Koigu Granny Squares 09-10-13

Koigu Granny Squares 09-11-13

Not sure how far I’ll pursue this, but they crochet up quickly (relatively) and I love the colors.

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