Obama Serious

We Need a Leader

Some people have the ability to stand up and declare something with such conviction, that they’re able to make it happen.  JFK was one of those people, and I was hoping Barack Obama would be one too.

Inspiration Over Politics

I don’t know if he’d succeed, but it doesn’t appear that the president’s use of maneuvering and politics are working either…but I still think the president should lead with declarations and inspiring people to rise up against his detractors.
The republican congress just passed a bill eliminating $40 billion dollars from programs for the desperately poor in this country.  It’s unconscionable.  At the same time they gave about $15 to $35 billion to subsidize farmers in this country, including millions that will go to some of the very members of congress voting on the bill.
Like I said, unconscionable.
I think the majority of the people in this country would listen to our president if he were to reach out and say “enough!”
I wish he would and perhaps…just perhaps…things might change.

Current Knitting and Quilting

I’ve done same additional work on the Summit Shawl in Tosh Sock yarn.
Summit Shawl 09-22-13
I did a little light blocking on it to see what it will look like and I’m liking it a lot.  Madeline Tosh yarns make anything look better in my opinion.  I also realized I will need to do a lot of blocking on this shawl when it’s finished.
I’ve also done a bit more work on my current quilt top using Glorious Colors fabrics.
Star Quilt 09-22-13
For this, my second quilt, I’m going back and correcting sewing errors (which I didn’t really do on my first one).  It’s a lot more work, both because the pattern is more difficult to sew, but also because picking out mistakes is a lot harder than I thought it would be (but still worth it).

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