QueerJoe is Stacked!

Or at least, that’s how it feels.  After having gone through at least ten sessions of Rolfing, it truly feels as though I’m properly…well…stacked, for the first time in my life.

Benefits of Rolfing

I started getting Rolfed a while ago, based on someone’s recommendation when I was in my twenties (I know, it took me a while to get to it).

Rolfing is way of adjusting the fascia and soft tissue (tendons, grizzle, etc.) to make the body more balanced and structurally integrated.  Diane Kuschel, is an Advanced Certified Rolfer (trained by the Rolfing Institute) and has over 16 years of experience Rolfing.  She likened the process of Rolfing to properly adjusting the canvas and the ropes on a complex tent, so that it hangs in a balanced way, without torquing, twisting or falling down.  It’s all about balance and tensegrity.

Here are some of the benefits I’ve gotten from this process:

  1. Maintaining a health posture with ease and comfort – You’d think proper posture would be something that would come naturally, but there are imbalances in almost all of us that often times make it difficult to stand or sit in a posture that supports us.  Now, when I sit or stand, a health, supportive posture feels easy and natural.
  2. Natural ease with movement – just the simple act of walking or getting out of a car has gotten easier and more efficient.  When the structure of my body seems balanced, and my limbs hang naturally from my frame, movement just seems more natural and easy.  Running/jogging also seems more fluid and less jarring on areas like my knees.
  3. Reduced pressure on nerves – I used to frequently lose feeling or get that prickly pins and needles feeling in my hands and sometimes feet when I’d do certain things regularly, or sleep in a certain position.  Even knitting for a long period in some positions would cause it.  It almost never happens anymore.
  4. Elimination of tension headaches
Overall, my body just seems to work more easily, and I’ve established a “new normal” for how I hold myself and carry myself that is much easier, more natural, and more efficient.

Current Crocheting

I worked a few more Koigu granny squares this past week (and finished correcting the remaining squares with mistakes):
Koigu Granny Squares 09-22-13
This is the best photo I’ve been able to get of this mish-mash of colored crochet squares so far.  The next dozen squares will use dark navy blue as the center-frame and border color (green in the current squares).  I’ll probably need at least one more solid color to make a blanket (maybe two more) so I’ll be looking for appropriate yarns for this in my yarn shopping adventures.

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