Barilla Bigotoni

Barilla – Italian for Asshat

Anyone that follows me on Facebook has probably already read about the hateful, bigoted comments made by the Chairman of Barilla pasta.

Ways To Apologize

I honestly don’t think I could read or hear an apology from this man that I would find acceptable.  He stated with grand, Italian pride that his company would never use a gay couple in its ads.  Barilla America issued an apology, but honestly, they didn’t do anything wrong except get stuck with an ignorant CEO of their Italian-based company.

You don’t usually just get over those feelings of hatred  overnight, and apologizing on behalf of a bigot doesn’t really work for me.

So even if he personally apologized for his comments, I would find it a convenient business ploy to stop the shitstorm of negative social media that’s happened since his comments were brought to light.

We just had some delicious DaVinci Whole Wheat Angel Hair pasta. for lunch today.

Current Quilting

While planning out the design for the star quilt, I envisioned three repeating, diagonal rows of stars in the three general colorways of the star fabric…blues, orange/yellow and purple/green.

I realized  I wanted about 10 different fabrics in each general colorway, and didn’t have that many.  So, I ordered more fabric.

Star Quilt Fabric 2

I know as a knitter, this might be heresy, but there is nothing more exciting than getting a package or gorgeous fabrics in the mail!

Star Quilt Fabric 3

Star Quilt Fabric 4

I’m using two muted shades of yellow/gold as the background for the stars…you see one of them in the center of the pile.  I also got a couple yards of the other one, which isn’t in the photo.

Couldn’t wait to start chopping up new fabric!

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