A risky bet

A Risky Bet

It seems the Republican’s abdicating their seat to their spin-off group, the tea party, could be very risky for them at election time.

Most Think They’re Crazy

Maybe I’m watching too much MSNBC, but it appears that most of the U.S. (and anyone from other countries that follows this craziness) think that the Republicans are nuts…insisting on shutting down the government to try and de-fund a law because they don’t like it’s sponsor (Obamacare).  It’s bad enough that they don’t care about the cost to our country of sending out hundreds of thousands of furloughs to government workers who can’t be paid if they don’t pass the continuing resolution to fund the government…yes, even though we don’t pay them for a few days, while the bill eventually gets passed, but all the administrative work of putting them on furlough is more costly than the salary savings).  But if they delay the debt ceiling bill, shit will definitely hit the fan.

Nobody likes when the U.S. has to default on their debts.

Even big business hates that.

So, yes…I think the Republicans are playing a very risky game…this is the kind of thing our country doesn’t forget when elections come up again.

Current Knitting/Quilting

With the arrival of the new quilting fabric, I couldn’t help myself from beginning to cut it up!

Star Quilt Cut

Star Quilt Cut 2

And then I started to sew and lay out the stars to see how it would look.

Star Quilt Design

Sorry about the shadows and bright spots in the photo…I didn’t have anywhere big enough to lay out the design without catching some in shadows.
Suffice it to say, the new fabrics perfectly fitting into the overall design of the quilt.
I have been knitting too!
Kid Alpaca Blanket 09-29-13

Yes, I’m determined to finish this blanket, and while it’s impossible to show decent progress photos for this project, I have added a few inches to the blanket.

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