Preachers One and All

Recalling every Sunday, how the priest got up to sermonize, I realize now that sermons were probably the original blogging before blogging came about.

Spark of an Idea

Every once in a while I’ll be driving or daydreaming (or both) and I’ll think of some idea that would make a good blog topic.

I’m sure that’s exactly what many of the preachers did for their weekly sermon ideas, and then tried somehow to relate them to the specific scripture reading for that week’s service.  And now, blogging has given anyone who wants it, their own pulpit to be able to sermonize on any topic they choose.

Fortunately, as blog readers, you get the opportunity to choose which ones your read.  You didn’t really get that opportunity as a church or temple-goer.  You kind of got stuck listening to the sermonizer attached to your flavor of religion.  The only choice we ever had was, which mass to go to to…hoping against hope that you got Father Gene and not Monsignor Endebrock…both were boring, but at least one wasn’t grumpy and boring.

Current Knitting

I had the incredible opportunity to go to the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival (SAFF) this past weekend.  Since the festival is in the same town where we hold the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat each may, I also am fortunate to be able to stay at the retreat center where we hold the men’s knitting retreat.  This year, friends Jeff, Dave and Aaron attended the festival.

In order of preference, what I love about SAFF, is:

  1. The people…in addition to my retreat friends, I also got the chance to hang out and chat with Mindy (Puff the Magic Rabbit)…and the folks I don’t know (or do know and forgot to mention…sorry!) who go to this event are always pleasant and nice to be around.
  2. The size of the festival…compared to Rhinebeck or MDS&W, SAFF is rather small, but it continues to attract some of the most amazing vendors each year.  It’s much more manageable than either of the big fiber festivals, but it’s bigger than the NJ Sheep & Wool.  Food is good, without having ridiculous lines to wait on.
  3. Cost of the event…not overly important, but it only cost $5 and $1 off coupons are incredibly easy to find either on-line before the event or from very nice locals you meet on the line to get in (also very short).

Here are some of my photos…

SAFF 2013 - Aaron Knitting at Easton
Aaron knitting so fast it’s a blur (at Easton Mountain)


SAFF 2013 - Fleece Artist Silk
One of my purchases – beautiful silk


SAFF 2013 - Livestock4


SAFF 2013 - Puff the Magic Rabbit Boucle and Romney Mohair Roving
My Puff The Magic Rabbit purchases – romney/mohair boucle and roving


SAFF 2013 - Ensign Brook Fams Karen and Jeff
Jeff and Karen at Ensign Brook Farms booth


SAFF 2013 - Ensign Brook Romney Merino
My purchase of Romney and Merino yarn from Ensign Brook Farms


SAFF 2013 - Holiday Yarn Sock Yarn -3
Three hanks Holiday Yarns sock yarn


SAFF 2013 - Jeff Buying Woven Rug
Jeff buying a beautiful woven rug


SAFF 2013 - Mindy and Tom
Mindy and Mr. Mindy at Puff The Magic Rabbit’s booth (see her beautiful yarns!)


SAFF 2013 - Swift Maker
Hand made skein winders/swifts (some motorized, some not…beautiful!)

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