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Ask A Gay Guy Anything

Years ago, when social media was limited to IRC chat and AOL chat rooms, I used to create a chat room called “Ask A Gay Guy Anything.”

Where Anonymity Is Involved

Since the internet added an aspect of anonymity that wasn’t as readily available, it was amazing the number of people that wanted to ask me things.

The most frequent question came from both men and women and it was always some version of “Does it hurt?”  Or “How do you do it so it doesn’t hurt?”  I’m assuming y’all know what “it” is.  And while it’s difficult to assess, the second most common question was some version of “Are you available?”  The chat room title seemed to encourage people to proposition me often.

Google has pretty much eliminated the need for having this kind of forum.  Well, at least for the folks who had valid questions…the flirtatious part has been eliminated by other applications.

Current Knitting/Crocheting

I had a challenging week last week, as anyone who follows me on Facebook may already know, so there was very little fiber work being done.  Here’s my progress on my one active project.

Koigu Granny Squares 11-11-13

So, I’ve finished 23 granny squares.  I’m starting to wonder how many squares I need for a decent size afghan, and whether I should purchase any additional yarn for it, or just use up scraps.  I guess the decision comes down to whether I’m more interested in how it looks in the end, or whether it really is just a scrappy little project.

2 comments on “Ask A Gay Guy Anything

  1. I remember the chat room and honestly it was helpful. So now I’m in a bit of a dilemma again. I’m 64, and I’m out of anybody ask but I don’t advertise. So here’s the problem there’s a 19-year-old man and I want to ask him out

    1. While I don’t want this to replace the old AOL forum, I would suggest that most 19 year-old men would consider an advance from someone who could be his grandfather to be unwanted. So, if you decide to go forward and ask him anyway, be prepared for a less-than-pleasant repsonse.

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