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In the past few weeks, I’ve realized I can handle an enormous amount of both good and awful things in my life…I guess that’s one good aspect.

Latest Updates

Okay…many of you know that Thaddeus and I, after 30 years of being together have gotten legally married.  We’ve always said that once a marriage would be recognized federally, we’d get married…our 30th year anniversary seemed like a perfect date for it.  Now we just have to wait for our home State of Pennsylvania to recognize our marriage.

Wedding - Thadddeus Steve Joe

About a week before this happened, I bashed in the front of my car by hitting the guy in front of me up in Scotia, New York.  Arranging for repairs up there, a rental car and the simple logistics of transferring everything from my disabled car to a rental was somewhat overwhelming.


Last week, I had to say goodbye (again) to an amazing network of friends I have in Upstate New York as I will no longer be traveling up there each week…I’ll be working from home.  Dinner at Aaron and Michael’s with all their wonderful dogs was a great way of saying goodbye.

I also had to say goodbye to a group of co-workers who I’ve grown to love.  Again, just the logistics of packing up my office and jamming it all into a rental car…only to have to transfer it to my newly repaired car was more than I wanted to handle.

During all this, we’ve been dealing with a sick little kitty.  Nico hasn’t been himself for a couple of weeks, and after a number of different tests at the vet, we’ve found out his stomach is now made up mostly of lymphoma cells and it’s not likely he’ll make it past the end of the year.

nico quilt

You can imagine how heartbroken Thaddeus and I are.  Suffice it to say, I’m extremely glad that I’m working from home and can lavish him with all the love he’s willing to take.

So, if I’m a little less on-line than usual, just know I’m putting my time to good use.

Current Knitting

Nico has grown to love laying on the kid alpaca blanket, so I’ve been working on it with the completed part of the blanket on my lap, so he can lay on it (and my lap).  Truth be told, it’s the only comfort I’m finding in knitting at the moment.

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