Even MORE Change

Now that I’m working at home, I won’t be climbing stairs at work, or walking over to get coffee or visiting coworker cubicles, so I’ve joined a health club and started drinking blended “raw” drinks.

Healthy Changes

Or at least I hope they’re healthy changes.

Friends at work were talking about doing kale smoothie cleanses, and while I didn’t feel like doing any kind of cleanse, per se, I did want to start eating more leafy green vegetables and preferably raw.  These friends were talking about how they couldn’t find any inexpensive blenders that would macerate raw kale into something that was drinkable.  They said they had tried their blender and also tried the “Magic Bullet” (as advertised on TV!), but only made a mess, and they didn’t want to spend the money on a juicer, or VitaMix blender that could do heavy-duty blending.

Fortunately, I found another coworker, who had a daily “smoothie” with lots of green in it and I asked her what she used to make them.  Magic Bullet makes a more heavy duty “bullet” called the NutriBullet, which easily macerates kale and is affordable (retails for about $100, but you can get them for under $80).
In addition to all that’s pictured, it also had a great recipe book and directions for making great Kale or Collard smoothies that taste incredibly good.

Now I’m happy, and I’m getting healthier (I hope).

LGBT Knitting Fundraiser

Thea is always looking for handknit hats and scarves to give to homeless LGBT youth…if you have anything laying around that would be appropriate for a teen, send it along here…it’s a good cause!

Current Knitting/Crochet

Working mostly on the broomstick scarf.  I’ve finished the scarf and just need to add fringe and block it.

Broomstick Scarf Close 12-06-13

I loved this pattern stitch, which is free on Ravelry – Broomstick Lace Scarf with video tutorial.
I’m doing it side-to-side starting with 230 stitches and the yarn is Opus 1 by Zitron which is a 100% Merino yarn and soft and nice to work with.

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