James Stockings

Holiday Cheer In The Summer

How is it that the person that celebrates Christmas in the middle of Summer, is one of the most jolly, merry-making men I know?

How Do Warm Climate People Do It?

I always wonder how people in Florida, or Mexico, or New Zealand get into the spirit of Christmas.

Decorating palm trees just seems so contrary to my images of Christmas.

And yet, James, our favorite Kiwi Kilted Knitter, hand knits miniature stockings each year, stuffs them with holiday chocolates, and gets them out in the post to arrive in America

Suffice it to say, the chocolate has been thoroughly enjoyed already, and the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care.

Current Crochet/Quilting

I have to admit, getting to work with the Opus 1 by Zitron using the broomstick lace crochet/knit stitch, got me a bit excited.

Broomstick Scarf Close 2 12-10-13

I ended up finishing the first scarf and adding the fringe, and then I went on to create a slightly different version with a minor variation to the stitch (it’s not longer aligned with the row above it in the bottom scarf).

I’ve also made a little headway on my Kaffe fabric quilt.

Kaffe Quilt 12-10-13

It’s getting more and more difficult getting a full shot of this fabric is it increases in size, but I’m quite liking the cacophony of colors it’s turning into (if colors can be cacophonous).

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