Nico 07-06-10

A Grieving House

Despite knowing it was imminent, losing Nico has still left a gaping hole in our lives.

Nico and Thaddeus Dec 2013

Missing The Boy

We always used to joke that we should have named Nico “Cheese” instead, because he always came running when we said it.  He was a ravenous boy and was always underfoot when food was involved.  He understood about ten words and 9 of them were food-related.

So when he stopped eating a couple of days ago, we knew it wouldn’t be long.  Yesterday we lovingly pet him and spoke to him while he peacefully went to sleep for the last time.  It’s still hard to believe how painful it is.

But he brought us seven years of joy that far outweigh what we’re going through now, and I will miss him terribly.

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