Cancun 2013 - Moonlit View

Back From Vacation

Thaddeus and I took a week off last week spending it in Cancun again…the trip has become routine, but in a good way…very relaxing and easy.

Cancun 2014 - Beach Panorama

Our Daily Beach View

Each year we go to Cancun, we focus on three things:

  1. Beach time
  2. Rest/relaxation/sleep
  3. Good food

Mission accomplished this year.  The photo above shows the view we had each morning we sat out on the beach.  Not overly crowded, beautiful beach and gorgeous water.  The weather was a bit on the cooler side, but I still went in swimming every day.

The relaxation part is easy…great hotel, beautiful room, a spa so we can do a “couples massage” and very little scheduled.
Finally, the food this year was mostly amazing  We returned to two restaurants we’ve been to in prior years…Puerto Madero Cancun…and La Dolce Vita.
Puerto Madero was as good as ever with an amazing grilled octopus that we dream about between visits and some of the most amazing grilled shrimp I’ve ever eaten.  I also got this great appetizer called “Provoleta” which was basically a large hockey puck-size of provolone-like cheese grilled on a very hot meat grill and served over a chunky tomato sauce.  I want it again!
La Dolce Vita, now called Savio’s Bistro by La Dolce Vita was a big disappointment.  Mediocre food and awful service.  It’s off our list.
Finally we went to the best restaurant we’ve ever been to in Cancun – Tempo by Martin Berasategui.F  This place was AMAZING!  We did an eight-course tasting menu (really nine courses if you include the amuse-bouche at the beginning), and it was by far, one of the best meals we’ve ever had, and definitely the best food we’ve ever had in Cancun.  Describing the food would be a disservice to the amazing works of the two chefs there, but there was an amazing amount of food, served perfectly and pleasantly and it was only about US$60 per person.  Don’t miss the opportunity to go here if you can.

Current Knitting/Crochet

I did some additional knitting whilst on vacation on the sock project I started last week.
Verve Sock 01-27-2014
Have you ever noticed that hand-knit socks don’t necessary look so good until they’re on a foot or a sock stretcher.  But despite that, I love how the sock is coming out.
I also finished crocheting all the horizontal connecting rows on Nico’s Koigu Granny Square blanket.
Koigu Granny Squares 01-26-14
Now all I have to do is all the vertical connector rows and the edging.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Regarding my sock construction, Paula asks, “…how tall do you make the legs of your socks?  My husband wants a “regular” height sock, and I am not sure how high to knit it.”
Thaddeus and I both buy men’s size “Large” socks when we buy our socks (we’re both around a men’s size 10 (U.S.) shoe).  What I typically do, is try to make the length of the calf of the sock as tall as I can, using up as much of the yarn as I can.  Hand-knit socks will usually look much longer when not being worn and shrink down a couple of inches in length when they’re worn, so taller is always better.

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