Is Bestiality When You LOVE Animals?

Has anyone purchased any of her books?
Knit Your Own Zoo  just came out this week and I find the concept so cool.

Shaped Knitting

A couple of friends of mine are professional knitters, in that they design garments, stitch patterns and even one-off items as requested by textile companies or fashion designers.  In addition to creating thousands of swatches of knit-stitch patterns, they have also been asked to create things like, fuzzy dice, high-heel shoe, fire hydrant, etc.

For me, just creating the shaping that creates a heel on the tube of fabric called a sock, stretches my talents to their max.  I honestly can’t imagine figuring out how to shape a giraffe’s nose using knit stitches.

Current Knitting / Crochet

Finished one of the two socks, and the nice part about having started the second one, is that the pair is now almost finished.

Verve Sock 02-12-2014-2

Verve Sock 02-12-2014 Heel

I figured since this is the standard sock recipe I posted in the last blog entry, you might want to see photos of what it looks like.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Leslie noted that I had used knit-jargon when I referenced the “E-Z’s sewn bind-off”.

I guess I considered this to be like an abbreviation in a pattern…an abbreviation which required a translation.  And that is why I linked to a video detailing what it was.  Kind of like putting SSK in the pattern and then having a key to what SSK means.

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