Craft Space

Cleanliness is Next to Queerness

I just found out it pays to clean up my crafting space.  I found two completed sweaters, a completed pair of hiking socks and an unfelted pair of FiberTrends clog slippers.


I’d show you a “Before” photo of the space, but it really just looked like a trash heap.  I was kinda shocked to find a fully completed zipper cardigan in the middle of it all…I kind of knew the other completed objects were in there.

Newfound Zippered Cardigan

I did have to weave in a few ends and re-sew the zipper and there are button holes above the zipper with no corresponding buttons, but this is a great lightweight cardigan I’ll use around the house all the time now.

Current Knitting

I finished the second sock in time to give them to Thaddeus for his birthday.

Verve Sock 02-14-2014

I used the recipe I posted a few blog entries ago and they came out great.  I’m very happy to say that blog-reader Danny test-knit the sock pattern and said it worked great.  He noted I left out a wrap & turn in the last two lines of the heel repeat, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be (in case anyone else is trying this out).

Readers’ Questions/Comments

Tim (teejtc) asks, “…when you say ‘knit plain until the foot of the sock is approximately 2 inches shorter than I want it to be,’ do you make your socks the length of the foot or do you put some negative ease into it (i.e. do you make the length of the sock shorter than the length of the foot)?”

First of all, I’m glad you asked this, because the it allows me to clarify two things.  First, “2 inches shorter than I want it to be” means 2 inches before the ankle, or 2 inches shorter than the TOP of the foot.  Second, to answer your question, I allow for some negative ease in the sock…about 1/2 inch on the length of the foot.

If it helps, I wear a size 9.5 U.S. shoe and I have somewhat wide feet and Thaddeus wears a U.S. size 10 shoe and has narrow feet.  We both wear the same size sock and I start the gusset increases at about 5.5 inches from the tip of the toe.

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