Finn 02-17-2014 Face


Finn 02-17-2014 Bed

Finn…the latest member of our household.


Finn is between 4 and 5 years old and he comes from a rescue shelter in Northern NJ.  He’s been with the shelter for about 2 years and in a couple of different foster homes while he waited for Thaddeus and I to find him.
Even after only 2 days in our house, he’s incredibly social and follows us around the house a lot.  Last night, he sat in my lap and napped while I watched television and knit, and then followed us up to bed and slept with us the entire night.
We couldn’t be more pleased about this lovely boy.

Current Knitting

I started a new sock, so that I could successfully knit and not disturb the new prince in my lap.
Zauberball 02-18-2014
It’s my standard sock recipe using Zauberball yarn in some colorway or another…but more importantly, Finn doesn’t get disturbed when I knit on it while he’s on my lap.

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