Theres No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home

A while ago, Thaddeus and I started looking for places similar to where we live, except in a warmer climate.

Where To Retire?

We were specifically looking for an area where we could afford to buy a second house that we would use as a vacation home until we retired.

We never did find a place where we wanted to live, more than where we currently do.  Except maybe Italy, but that wasn’t going to work for us.

Our current area has great restaurants, excellent cinema and interesting entertainment options that are perfect for us.  Plus, it’s very gay-friendly.

We have excellent fine cuisine restaurants, fantastic ethnic restaurants (Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese and Mexican…if we just had a great Chinese restaurant, we’d be all set) and we even have great casual restaurants for burgers, pizza, etc.  We have some excellent art-film movie houses near us, as well as the larger 24-screen theaters.  And we have some amazing cabaret type venues for more obscure, but interesting acts.

We may just have to suffer through the Winter each year.

Current Crochet

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my current crochet blanket, even though it might not look like it.

Basketweave Crochet 02-28-14

I’m using a modified basketweave crochet stitch that is best described here.  I’m wishing I hadn’t modified the stitch, but I’m not ripping out everything I’ve done up until now.  It will still make a great blanket.

Here’s a more close-up shot of the blanket.

Basketweave Crochet 02-28-14 close

I’m using two different merino DK weight yarns and I think I’ll just keep striping it up through the entire blanket.

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