Gay Weekend Productive

Productive Weekends Can Be So Satisfying!

My to-do list was starting to feel a bit overwhelming, so I took it one task at a time this weekend, and ended up getting an enormous amount completed.  Including some crochet!

The Incredible Lightness of Being

I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by all I had to do, so now having completed some of the more daunting tasks, I’m feeling so much lighter than I was toward the end of last week.
Primarily, I finished filing mine and Thaddeus’ tax returns, which is never an easy feat, and even a bit more difficult because of our marital status.
Having been married at the end of last year, and living in a State that doesn’t recognize the marriage, it required that I calculate a fake Pennsylvania State return as if we were married and carry over some of those numbers to our federal return.  Then, I had to file both mine and Thaddeus’ State taxes separately for the returns that actually get filed with the State.
One of these days, we’ll have full equality.
Then, I had a bunch of work to do on the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat coming up in May…clean up the finances, work on the scholarship nominations, send out correspondence, etc.  This work is always a joy, especially compared to tax preparation, but it was still nice to get it all tidied up.
Finally, I got some fiber work  in.

Current Crochet.

I was able to add just over one more wide stripe of color to the basket weave blanket.
Basketweave Crochet 03-03-14
I noticed that the colorways on the two balls of variegated yarns are different (the top one is more purple), but I kind of like that it’s not completely the same.
Basketweave Crochet 03-03-14 close
As I do more and more of this stitch pattern, it gets more and more relaxing and enjoyable to do.  Or maybe it’s just feeling relieved at completing some daunting tasks in my life.

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