Tax Prep

It’s Tax Time Again

With my recent marriage to Thaddeus, and living in a State that doesn’t legally recognize our marriage, my taxes this year are a bit more complex.

Still Not Equal

To be able to file my federal taxes as a married couple, the IRS requires me to calculate my Pennsylvania State taxes first, AND to calculate them as if Pennsylvania State considers us to be married (which they don’t).  And Pennsylvania State requires me to re-calculate and file taxes for me and my husband as if we were single.  Insane, right?
I use tax preparation software to prepare and file my taxes (I consider it to be cheap compared to the time it saves me) and I did a quick Google search on which tax preparation softwares recognize same sex marriage complexities.  Turns out, the only one that seems to address it directly is Turbo Tax.
It did require that I pay for the downloadable version of the software (I couldn’t accomplish hypothetical PA state tax calculations in the on-line version), and it was a bit more expensive than some of the other options.  But I felt it was important to buy a product from a company that kept same sex marriage issues in mind when developing their software.
All that being said, it was still a pain, but my Federal and State taxes are prepared and filed.  Thank goodness Finn is always close at hand to help out.
Finn 03-06-14 Close

Current Knitting, Crochet and Spinning

I put down the sock project I’ve been working on, and also put down the crochet blanket project using the basket weave stitch I was working on…the ADHD knitter struck again when I saw a crochet stitch I had to try.
Crochet Knit Hat 03-06-14 Close
Yes, you read that correctly, this is a crochet stitch.  I used the Verve sock yarn left over from my last pair of socks to create the band for a hat.
Crochet Knit Hat 03-06-14(2)
The top of the hat is just done in garter stitch. but the band at the bottom is a crochet stitch known as camel crochet stitch and is explained well (including a video) on the
I’ve also been doing a bit more spinning with the Shetland/Mohair blend from Puff The Magic Rabbit.
Puff Mohair Shetland 03-06-2014
Still loving the color and haze of the singles I’ve spun so far.

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