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GPS – My Saving Grace

There are some areas of life where I’m extremely proficient…directions and navigating are clearly not in that list.

Worst Sense of Direction Imaginable

Anyone that knows me well knows that if they’re unsure of which direction to go, they should ask me…and then take the opposite direction.

I’m convinced, I’m missing some part of the brain the lets normal people visualize where they are in the world…kind of like an inner GPS.

I’m not an overly anxious person, but I have to say that in the world prior to GPS’s, I used to get quite anxious whenever I had to go anywhere new or even to places I had only been to once or twice before.

My life is significantly less worrisome since I’ve owned a GPS…thank you Garmin.

Current Crochet

I finished the hat using the Camel stitch in the round (and garter stitch for the crown).

Crochet Knit Hat 03-10-14

I love the hat design, but the actual hat looks quite awful in this colorway.

A couple of more stripes have been completed on the crochet basket weave blanket.

Basketweave Crochet 03-10-14 close

This is going to be a wonderfully warm blanket when it finished, but definitely not machine washable (made in all merino wool).


This wonderful cat is only getting better and better.

Finn 03-10-14 Top Cat

I blame the parents.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Leslie asks if the Camel Stitch I used for the band of the hat is reversible.

If it’s done flat (back and forth as opposed to in the round) it looks a lot different, but it looks the same on both the front and the back.  In the round, it looks like sideways knitting, but when crocheted flat, it looks more like sideways ribbing…here’s a good tutorial.

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