Intelligent Internet Consumption

Intelligent Internet Consumers

One of the best parts of living in a global internet world, is you can make much better decisions about purchases than you could in the past.

Saving Money on Appliances

In the past year we have had at least three appliance-related problems that I can recall.  All of them were resolved in a way that was much less expensive than if we didn’t have such broad access to suppliers on the internet.
  1. Microwave stopped working with an error code on the display – After we discovered this was not something we could fix, we were offered the option of paying a repair person to come out an fix it, or buy a new unit – both would be over $100 in expense.  Instead, Thaddeus found he could order a circuit board and replace it himself at a cost under $30.
  2. The utensil basket in our dishwasher broke…the bottom kept detaching and letting utensils fall through.  The cost to replace the basket was ridiculous (I can’t remember how much), but again, Thaddeus was able to find a generic version of the basket at 1/10th the cost (even with shipping).
  3. Finally, we had somehow ruined the decals on two of the dials for our stove-top (either by overheating them or by over-scrubbing them – or both).  The cost to replace them was was absurd.  On E-Bay, Thaddeus found parts that were listed as fitting our model stove top, compared the part number underneath the dials to the same part number on the manufacturers site…it turns out the exact same part number (with slightly different decals) can be sold by the same manufacturer for a significant difference in price.  We ended up replacing all four dials for about $10.

Stove Dials

Suffice it to say, it pays to do a bit of research on this stuff…Thaddeus has saved us hundreds of dollars in repairs by just doing a bit of research.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the first sock on the pair I’m making with Zauberball.
Zauberball 03-17-2014
I am using my standard sock recipe with a total of 64 stitches on US3 needles (although I do go down to US1 needles for the ribbing when I’m making socks for Thaddeus).  Plus, I can’t tell you how glad I am that the second sock is already so far along.

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