MSKR 2014 - Roy and Brady

The Wisdom of Men

One of the founding principles of The Men’s Knitting Retreats is that we look among our own ranks for expertise and workshops.

A Bounty of Expertise

And each year, I am never disappointed in some of the most interesting workshops offered by the guys that come to our retreat.

For the upcoming retreat in May,

– Learning to Knit – The Basics (for our newbie knitters)
– Intro to Spinning
– Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom
– Choosing Colors That Work Together
– Upcoming Yarn Trends from the Global Yarn Market
– Beyond Worsted – Drafting for Lofty Yarns
– Measuring Yourself and Sweater Fitting Techniques
– Heels for Human Feet
– Beyond Beginner Knitting (also for our newbie knitters)
– Finger-Tip to Cuff Gloves
– Striping, Shading, Patterning

You can see why I’m never disappointed…the workshops each year are always this good.

Current Knitting

Lots of progress since my last post.  I finished my latest pair of socks and I added a few inches to the Henry Der Sweater Vest in Icelandic wool.

Zauberball 03-24-2014

They look very nice on as well…of course Finn had to photo-bomb that photo.

Zauberball 03-24-2014 Finn

And here’s the center/front panel of the Henry Der Vest.

Henry Der Vest 03-24-14

I’m liking how this is coming out so far and it looks as if I’ll have enough yarn to complete the project.  That’s always a relief.

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