Technology Confusion

Technological Advances

The rate at which technology is advancing is mind-boggling sometimes.  Don’t you think?

Viewing Movies At Home

Not so long ago, Thaddeus was working at the local mom and pop video rental store.  During his time there, they morphed from a VHS format to DVD and then started including some Blueray.  And like the bigger places, they also went out of business as more on-demand movies came on the scene that were cheaper and allowed you to access them without leaving the comfort of your couch.

And of course Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu and various other streaming applications just made the concept of video rental anachronistic almost overnight.

During that transition, many households switched over to digitally formatted televisions that could easily accept WiFi streaming or various formats of video, but we opted to stick with our huge-ass tube television.  But since we had films in dozens of different digital formats, Thaddeus found this great DVD player from Oppo that would play lots of different formats.  That was about two years ago and it was expensive to get a machine that would play virtually any format of movie.

Fast forward to a month or so ago when we had to replace our Oppo Universal player, and we were shocked that we could replace everything with this little device.

Yes, this tiny little IntelliSonic device will play any format of movie (even ones with a separate sub-title file), as long as the movie is on a USB memory stick or flash card.  And it will play them on our old tube (non-flat screen) television.  And it cost less than $40.

Truly amazing how technology advances so quickly.

Here’s Finn helping me write the blog…he’s so helpful!

Finn Helping Blog

Current Knitting/Weaving

I’ve almost finished the Henry Der vest up to the arm hole shaping, and I’ve started a new pair of socks using a different colorway of Zauberball.

But I also decided to assemble the Speed-O-Weave (not to the humongous size) and string it up a bit.

Hexagon Loom Warped

There are no instructions, just simple illustrations on the box itself showing ways you can use this thing, so I’m trying a few different things as part of my next steps.  We’ll see how it works out…I’m honestly not too hopeful.

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