Made in the USA

Made In the U.S.A.

As a consumer, more and more, I’m looking to buy products and services that benefit my local community, my State community and/or my Federal community.

Best New Local Product

It’s getting more and more difficult to find a wide variety of products manufactured in this country, never mind in my own State, and often, those products are either not exactly what I’m looking for or are more expensive than a foreign substitute.
I am thrilled to have found an amazing new product that’s made right here in my own state of Pennsylvania.

Invisible Glass by Stoner, Inc. (great company name!) is by far the best glass cleaner I’ve ever used and it works phenomenally well on metal, plastic and ceramic as well.  With just one spray application and a swipe of a micro-fiber cloth, my cooking area was GLEAMING!

Invisible Glass Work

Thaddeus saw them using this at our local car wash, and he was kind of annoyed that they barely swiped at his windshield and windows, and yet they were sparkling clean.  He found the product in the car-cleaning products section of our grocery store, but Amazon sells it as an “Add-On” so that you can reach the amount of an order to get free shipping.

If you ever try this, you will never use Windex again.

Current Knitting

Only worked on the Zauberball sock this past weekend.

Zauberball 04-07-2014

Almost finished with another pair of hand-knit socks.

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