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The Best Organizational Tool Ever

Throughout all of my years at school and then into my worklife, I was terrible at having an organized way of keeping my notes in a place where I could access them when I needed them.

That Was Then

So now, someone at work introduces me to Microsoft’s OneNote.

OneNote Logo


This is what I have been searching for all my life.

For those who have never used it it’s available as part of the Microsoft Office Suite of softwares, and also free on Mac OS and IOS as an app (they two softwares have a slightly different interface in Windows vs. OS/iOS).

Think of this application as an easy-to-search three-subject notebook, that had unlimited subjects (not just three), and unlimited pages in those subjects.

And that you could easily create pages in these notebooks by copying and pasting, embedding links, taking screen prints, sending Outlook e-mail messages directly to the correct subject, or just typing in notes.

The next time you needed to access your list of birthdays, you could go directly to the page (if you could find it) or do a simple search on the word birthday to find the subject and page where you had stored it.  It can also store to-do lists and html tags, or dates of children’s vaccinations or meeting notes…and on and on.

I love this new tool…it has FINALLY allowed me to store information that is relevant to me in a way that is easy to access when I need it.

Current Knitting and Crocheting

I’ve done some additional work on both the Henry Der sweater vest and also on the Crochet Basketweave blanket.

The blanket doesn’t look different enough from the last photo, so I’ll try to get some more work done on that project so I can show a proper progress picture, but here’s where I am with the Henry Der sweater vest.

Henry Der Vest 04-14-14

The back is almost complete and I’ve finished one side of the front (after I split for the head opening).

I’m honestly not sure this design idea is going to work well enough to actually wear this sweater…I don’t know if you can notice it in the photo, but I did bias knitting on the sides of the sweater and it seems to be torquing in a way I’m not sure blocking will fix.

But I won’t know until it’s finished.

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