Vintage Seltzer

Fresh Made Seltzer

I love drinking seltzer…just plain bubbly water.  Since Thaddeus drinks it too, I’ve suggested for a while that we get one of those home seltzer makers:

Soda On-Demand

How many of you have gotten one of these Soda Stream, CO2 infusers?

Overall, it’s cheaper to make your own seltzer and it saves on plastic…right?

I couldn’t understand why Thaddeus wouldn’t want one of these.

Until I realized he wanted to do it in a more industrial (and cost-savings way).

Seltzer Maker Plus

Yes, with a 5 pound tank of CO2, a regulator, a hose and some special caps that fit soda bottles, we are now making GALLONS of our own Seltzer water.  The initial outlay of $164 allowed us to buy all the equipment necessary and fill the tank with CO2.  This set-up will last for at least 6 months and then we just need to pay about $10 to refill the tank with CO2.

I imagine we’ll cover the cost of this equipment in less than 2 years of savings on buying seltzer.  Plus, we’ll add a lot less plastic to the World.

Current Crochet

Making slow, but steady progress on the crochet basket weave blanket/afghan.

Basketweave Crochet 04-23-14

I’m also re-making the heel samples for my workshop, but that shouldn’t take too much of my knitting time.


Just didn’t want to go too long without a photo of the most wonderful cat.

Finn 04-23-2014

Here he is watching us eat lunch today.  I’m loving this guy more and more.

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