I just can’t help myself.  I see something on Pinterest or Facebook or someone’s blog, and I just have to swatch.

The Russians Are Stealing Everything

Often, when I see a stitch pattern on Pinterest, the link that it brings me to is in Russian…and it looks as if the instructions and even the photo is scanned directly from a book.
I guess stealing knitting stitch patterns doesn’t compare with stealing parts of the Ukraine, but I still don’t recommend it.
Especially when it’s not that difficult to re-create it yourself.
Russian Mesh Stitch
And here’s the stitch pattern:
Russian Stitch Pattern

Current Knitting

I decided to re-make my demonstration heels for the workshop I’ll be doing at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat this year.
Three Heels
From top to bottom we have a simple short-row heel, a Dutch heel and a toe-up version of the Dutch heel.  My favorite is the bottom one as it has all the advantages of the Dutch heel (which I think conforms to the heel very well, but the gusset seam is less visible.
Finn felt it necessary to give his opinion as well.
Finn and Heels 04-25-14
He prefers the Dutch heel…but cats can be so contrary, can’t they?

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Maureen writes, “But what if it explodes??? – isn’t it dangerous to have a tank of gas in your kitchen?”
Not really.  The tanks are inspected every 5 years for safety and it’s definitely as safe as having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen (which you should).
Christina writes, “Finn, is dad having you sleep on a machine made blanket? You have him knit you a super soft blanket and then post the picture.”
First of all, that blanket was woven by an 85 year old man in Edmonton Canada on a beautiful old loom.  Second of all he does have two hand-knit blankets (by me) that he lays on all the time (one in the second bedroom and one in the TV room).

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