MSKR 2014 - Easton Mountain - Mountain and Lake

Emotional Duality

After a week away at Easton Mountain, I was so glad to be sleeping next to my husband in my own bed, but still yet miss the wonderful experience of the 2014 Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat.

WAY Too Busy to Blog

I know I said that I would blog every day during the retreat, but honestly, there was so much excitement going on all the time that I barely had time to sleep while away.

Here are some photos of the guys interacting at the retreat (at least I had time to take some photographs).

MSKR 2014 - Brady and Llama
Brady looking for some llama tongue


MSKR 2014 - Phil and Christopher
Phil and Christopher looking at more fibre (they’re from Canada, so it’s not a typo)


MSKR 2014 - Jeff and Michael del
Jeff and Michael knitting in the morning sun


MSKR 2014 - Kirk and John Spinning
Kirk and John in their rendition of a sheep to shawl contest


MSKR 2014 - Michael del and Matthew
Michael and Matthew enjoying the fellowship


MSKR 2014 - Aaron Michael del and Kirk
Aaron and Michael enjoying the sheep


MSKR 2014 - Chad and Danny
Chad and Danny at Wunsapana Farm


MSKR 2014 - Christopher and Kenny
Fast friends, Christopher and Kenny


MSKR 2014 - Doug
Southern boy Doug, comfortable on a farm.


MSKR 2014 - Guys at Wunsapana
Fascinated by furriness


MSKR 2014 - Guys in Yarn Frenzy
Yarn buying frenzy


MSKR 2014 - John Stephen and Kirk
John, Kirk and Stephen


MSKR 2014 - Lou and Doug
Part of the Southern component, Lou and Doug


MSKR 2014 - Lubna Phil Ian Danny
Lubna, Phil, Ian and Danny


MSKR 2014 - Michael Matthew and Ben
Michael, Matthew and Ben blocking the view of the alpacas


MSKR 2014 - Ron and Ray
Happy guys, Ron and Ray


MSKR 2014 - Ronnie and Aaron
The library nook guys, Ronnie and Aaron


MSKR 2014 - Roy and Brady
Brady overseeing the plying of a new spinner, Roy


MSKR 2014 - Roy at Wunsapana
Roy trying to steal fiber for his new spinning addiction


MSKR 2014 - Roy Phil and Tom
Phil and Tom dealing with a little bit of rain at the farm


MSKR 2014 - Van
Van doing his gorgeous wrapped core spinning


MSKR 2014 - Veryl
Veryl flirting with a wet lamb


MSKR 2014 - William Kenny Ron and Chad
Bill, Kenny, Ron and Chad claiming their space in the men’s knitting world

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