Married in PA

19 States of Equality

It appears, that as of this past Tuesday, Thaddeus and I are legally married for both Federal and State purposes.

Who Would Have Believed

I still find it hard to believe that we have made such great strides in equality in this country.  It was unthinkable for most of my relationship with Thaddeus.

While we’re on a roll, perhaps they could also pass some laws to make sure that publicly acknowledging my marriage to Thaddeus couldn’t get me fired from my job, but maybe now I’m just getting greedy.

More Men’s Knitting Retreat Photos

Two amazing weeks in a row, so I’ll post a few more photos of my time last week.


MSKR 2014 - Llama Herd
Some of the magnificent llamas at Wunsapana Farm


MSKR 2014 - Wunsapana Llama Head
Wunsapana Farm llama ready for her closeup


MSKR 2014 - Wunsapana Llama Hill
Recently shorn llama – queen of the hill


MSKR 2014 - Blind Buck Goat Sculpture
Back end of a goat sculpture at Blind Buck Farm
MSKR 2014 - Blind Buck Goat and KidMSKR 2014 - Blind Buck Goat and Kid
Angora goat and Angora kid at Blind Buck Farm


MSKR 2014 - Blind Buck Sheep
Blind Buck Farm sheep wary of me holding my hand carders


MSKR 2014 - Easton Mountain Misty
A misty-top Mountain next to the temple at Easton Mountain


MSKR 2014 - Easton Mountain Road
Saying goodbye one more time to the beautiful time…until next May.

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