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Inspiring Country-wide Riots

Or, How to Get Revenge On Obnoxious Teens

How many times have you had to put up with the annoyance of obnoxious teenagers in a movie theater talking and laughing throughout a movie?  Or worse yet, hear the expressions of disgust during a movie when two people of the same sex kiss.

The Fart In Our Stars

With the release of the new teen tear-jerker, The Fault In Our Stars, I think it’s the perfect opportunity for adults to take over the back rows of theaters throughout the country making snide remarks, snorting and laughing at inappropriate times, and yelling comments like, “Take that hose out of your nose before you slip him the tongue!”

I know it’s a childish response, and I most definitely will not be doing this, but I think it might be interesting to give these blubbering teens a taste of their own medicine.

I can fantasize, can’t I?

Current Crochet

After having swatched the “Granite Stitch” using a fingering weight (Koigu), I though it might be interesting to try a lap blanket using worsted weight yarns.

Granite Stitch Bed Runner 06-06-14 Close(1)

I’m using Paton’s worsted wool and Opus 1 yarns and a size K crochet hook (7mm).

I love the stitch pattern and it’s easy to do.  It looks the same on both sides, which I think is always a plus and I like the way it blends the color transitions nicely.

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