Noam Chomsky Power Systems

A Difficult Read – But Worth It

Have you ever started reading a book that was difficult to get through, but also helped changed your entire mindset?

Forcing Myself

Noam Chomsky’s. Power Systems was a book that came recommended by someone whose opinion I value, so I have been forcing myself to continue reading this mind-opening book.

The book is basically a transcription of multiple interviews where Mr. Chomsky speaks out on many different issues about which he is extremely knowledgeable.  Reading this book requires a lot of concentration for me to keep up with the author.  I’m almost finished reading the book and I’m incredibly glad I stuck it out.  His way of speaking has allowed me to see my part in the ongoing middle class struggle.

I’d like to encourage as many people to do the same…I don’t think I’ll ever see our situation quite the same way ever again.

Current Spinning

I was able to finish the core wrapped spinning I blogged about last week, and now I can’t WAIT to start knitting with the resulting yarn.

Wrapped Core Spinning 06-06-24

After washing, the yarn came out soft and beautiful.  It still has a bit of torque to it…not much, but some, so I’ll have to make sure that whatever I decide to make with this won’t be affected by some excess energy left in the twist of the yarn.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Regarding the granite stitch swatch I did using the Koigu, NC Knitter Bear writes, “Hook size on the Koigu?”

I used a 4mm (size G) hook and I liked the fabric for something a bit more thick than a scarf.

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