Hotel Room Bed runners

The Comforts of Hotel

Given how many hotel rooms I’ve stayed in, I guess it’s not surprising when I try to make my bedroom and bathroom at home look more like a hotel room.

Hotel Decor

Many of the people the stay in hotel rooms more than their own home, can often recognize the hotel chain just by the decor of the room.

Being a creature of habit, I’ve learned to live in hotel rooms in a way where I always know where my toiletries are and where my underwear is stored, and where to keep my iPhone.  The layout of the room might change from week to week, but some things have to remain constant, so that I can be comfortable.

Now that I’m staying at home, and I’m not restricted by the confines of a hotel room, I still find that I’m trying to organize my things in a way that will make it more like my stays in a hotel.  More so than that, I find I’m trying to make my rooms look more hotel like.

When I start to pick out carpeting with colored patterning in it, I’ll have to find some 12-step group to help me get past it.

Current Crochet

As I’m almost finished with the bed-foot runner using stripes of Opus 1 and Patons Classic Merino yarns and the Granite Stitch, I’ve realized most beds outside of hotels don’t use bed runners.

Granite Stitch Bed Runner 06-20-14

But also, hotels don’t have such beautiful bed runners either.  Just a few more stripes to go, and this project will be finished and any guests staying in our house will have warm feet and hopefully feel more like they’re staying in a very fine hotel.

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