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Sometimes it pays to be known as “the knitter”.

Even By Other Knitters

Long-time blog reader and local knit friend, Leslie has been knitting for as long or longer than I have.  And while her husband supports her obsession, he won’t wear any of the things she makes him.

So, I luck out and get to be the recipient of some of Leslie’s most fantastic work.  Here are three sweaters that she sent me because she didn’t want them going to waste in her husband’s closet.

Leslie - Cone Vest

The top two sweaters fit both Thaddeus and I perfectly, and I’m going to try and block the Kaffe Tumbling Block waistcoat so that it fits me.  Here’s what the gorgeous aubergine pullover looks like on me.

Leslie - Purple Pullover On

The color is more accurate in the photo above, but I know this sweater will get lots of use.

Current Knitting/Crochet

I was able to finish the crochet Granite Stitch Bed Runner.

Granite Stitch Bed Runner Finished

I love the way it turned out and how the colors mixed in such a harmonious way.

I also almost finished knitting a scarf using the core-spun yarn I made a few weeks ago.

Corespun Scarf 2

It’s simple garter stitch, and I’m going to crochet a simple border around the edge to give it structure.  The deep, sultry colors of the yarn do not show well in photos…it makes it look almost Christmassy in the photos, but it’s much more smokey in real life.

Corespun Scarf


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