From Shame to Pride

Kind of sums up my life as a Catholic gay boy growing up and growing into loving who he is.

We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

JoeMyGod posted a great blog post on the reporting of the Stonewall Rebellion that clearly shows how far we’ve come.
Having gotten legally married last year and then having my marriage recognized in the State of Pennsylvania was unthinkable as recently as five years ago, and it couldn’t have happened without the fierce and courageous New Yorkers who stood up 45 years ago.
I couldn’t be more proud.

Current Knitting

I was sitting watching television, with no handy project sitting around, so I took some of the leftover yarn from the bed runner and starting doing a stranded/twined knitting “swatch” that turned into a hat.
Twined Hat
Since I wanted the fabric to be a uniform thickness even in the places where it was only one color, I used two strands of the same color, knitting each alternate stitch with a different strand.
It made a nice warm fabric, but honestly, it wasn’t very soft feeling on my ears, so I picked up stitches around the bottom of the hat with a very soft alpaca yarn, and knit a headband lining.
Twined Hat Inside
Almost finished sewing in the lining, just in time for July.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Regarding the three sweaters from Leslie, Maur asks, “…does your friend have a blog as well?”
No, she doesn’t but she’s an excellent knitter (as you can see).
Alex writes, “That first vest is beautiful. Do you have pattern links that you could share?”
The vest is called Tumbling Blocks Vest and is by Kaffe Fassett.  It was published a couple of places, but mainly in the Rowan Magazine number 6 if you can get your hands on it.

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