Hovering Man

There Is No “Hover”

A wise friend once told me that when it comes to my emotional and spiritual journey, there is no such thing as “hover.”

Growing or Decaying

So that means I’m either growing or decaying.
I always have spurts of growth and when I’ve reached a certain level of growth, I can just kick back and relax, staying at the same plateau for a while.  You know, kind of rest up for the next trek onward.
Turns out, that it’s really just two steps forward, one step back unless I keep working on myself and trying to be the most authentic Joe I can be.
Having recently just had some breakthroughs in this area, I think I’ll try to see if momentum plays a part in this growth and try working to see what comes next without resting on my laurels, congratulating myself on my progress.
Yoga?  Meditation?  Scientology?
Not sure what’s next, but I’ll be searching.

Current Knitting

I did end up finishing the latest “Bright Lizard Scarf” in Koigu and those wonderful people at Koigu did NOT disappoint.
Bright Lizard Scarf Koigu 2
Bright Lizard Scarf Koigu 4
One of the things I love about this scarf design, in addition to how wonderfully it handles Koigu’s colors, is the drape of it.  It’s loose and drapey, with enough structure to keep the pattern stitch stable. I’ll need to do one of these in darker colors that I would wear.

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