Hope Springs Eternal

I have a confession…I posted a request for positive thoughts on Facebook yesterday and got many lovely (and a couple of odd) responses.  I wasn’t requesting positivity because I was doing badly…I requested it to keep the momentum going in my life.

I Got What I Asked For

Regardless of the intention of the request, I got an beautiful array of lovely ideas, thoughts and techniques for bolstering joy in my life and I was very grateful for all of them.

Thank you.

And with that momentum, I decided to redouble my efforts on a New Years resolution that was stalled, and picked up the kid alpaca blanket and started to work on it some more.

Current Knitting

I searched all through Pinterest and in my queue on Ravelry and I couldn’t find anything that inspired me to start a new project.  Despite all my efforts, I did the right thing and went back to work on an existing work-in-progress.

Kid Alpaca Blanket 07-16-14

The good news is that the blanket is about 6 feet long…I don’t know when that happened…I may actually have knitting fairies (other than myself) helping out on this one.  Honestly, I think I just need to do another 12-24 inches (just!…hah!) of knitting on this and then do some border.

It might actually get done by the end of the year…might.

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