Hitler Stache 07-21-14(1)

Reclaiming With Pride

Years ago, when I first started establishing an on-line identity, I decided I loved the idea of reclaiming “queer” as a term of pride, rather than derision.

Taking On a Bigger Challenge

Now I think it’s time to take back the under-nose-only mustache.

I mean why is it that one person can ruin a mustache style for all of eternity?  Especially when it’s one of the few mustaches that I could actually grow.

And just think, if enough of us took back the stache and wore it with pride, it would take away the assholes’ ability to use it against good people like our president.

I’m thinking this could be a social movement…#reclaimthestache.

Thoughts, concerns, question, suggestions?

Current Knitting

I’ve made a lot of progress on the top-down raglan I started at the end of last week, although you’d never know it.

Top-Down Raglan 07-21-14

Taking a photo of this work-in-progress is almost as difficult as photographing an in-progress knitted lace project, but at least you can see the collar a bit and the striping I’m doing.

I was honestly hoping to have finished all the raglan increases before this morning, but it’s starting to feel never-ending.  But I love the color combination…I know the green might seem a bit overwhelming at this stage in the project, but there will be very little more of it used except as an accent in the cuffs and waistband at the bottom.

Thoughts, concerns, question, suggestions?

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