Impatient Knitter

The Impatient Knitter

I’ve always said that knitting doesn’t take patience, it takes persistence.  I am not a patient person, and despite that, I’m a pretty prolific knitter.

Endless Circular Stockinette

Sometimes I really enjoy mindless, repetitive tasks, like knitting stockinette in the round, and then other times I need to break it up with something different.  Even if it’s just a change to a different size needle.

On my current raglan top-down project (see below), it even helped to just switch to a sleeve where the rounds are shorter and it requires me to count rows so I know when to decrease.  Just that minor change added enough change to make it interesting.

Current Project

I’ve made a lot of progress on the top-down raglan, although it might not seem like it.

As noted above, I did get kind of bored with the seemingly endless stockinette of the body of the sweater, and I also thought it would be easier to photograph a progress shot of the sweater if I started one of the sleeves.

It also helped that I had two extra circular needles in the size needle I’m using, so I can switch back and forth between body and sleeve.  Thank goodness for obsessive purchasing of things like Addi Turbos!

Top-Down Raglan 07-27-14

This is also the most accurate color photograph I’ve been able to capture.  I loved one commenters description as “arresting”.  I think it totally is.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Some readers asked how I would use the reversible edging on the corners of the kid alpaca blanket.

I figured I would just have plain garter stitch in the squares that make of the corners of the edging.  In fact, if you notice, my original swatch for the edging started off with a square of garter stitch.  I think I’ll just knit four of those swatches and sew them to the blanket as shown here.

Kid Alpaca Edging Corner

Then next piece of edging will just be sewn to the left side of the garter square in the photo above.

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