The New Normal

My work had me traveling almost every week for about 15 years straight (so to speak).  It’s been shocking how easily I’ve adapted to working at home over the last 8 months.

You Can Never Go Back

Now, it’s a rare occasion where I’m required to travel for work.
Last week, I had to be up in Schenectady, NY for the week, and it made me realize I could never go back to traveling every week like I used to do.
Partly, it was being out of the routine.  I no longer have two complete sets of toiletries, for instance…one for home and one for taking with me on trips.  As a result, I forgot to bring a brush or comb and I didn’t have mouthwash or vitamins.  My sleep cycles are different now too, so waking up at 4:00 am on a Monday morning was anything but routine last week.  Even my mindset about various aspects of travel didn’t work…for instance, I left an umbrella and a book up in Upstate NY last week, and in my days of constant travel, I never worried about that, knowing I would just recover them both in the following week, so it was never a worry if I left something behind.  Now I consider those two things as lost items.
I honestly took for granted how having a regular routine made traveling for work significantly easier.

Current Knitting

Moving right along on the top-down raglan project.
Top-Down Raglan 08-03-14
I only have another inch or so of stockinette on the body before I switch over to the ribbing at the bottom.  I also have to start deciding on how long the sleeves will be so I can make sure my decreases aren’t too erratic looking.
I’ve also been assigned a knitting project that I started.  A vest for Thaddeus Aunt Dorothy.  I’ve started it, but just barely, so I’ll do an update photo in a subsequent blog entry.

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