Hating On Purl

Throughout the years, I have always met a lot of knitters that just don’t like to purl.

Not Sure Why

There are many different ways of knitting (and purling), so I can imagine how I see purling might be quite different than other knitters.  But for me, having the yarn in front of the work (and more visible) and inserting the yarn directly in between the two legs of the stitch is quite a bit easier than contorting the needle to enter from the rear (so to speak).
I know there are various ways of changing the way to execute a knit stitch which can make it easier…I’m just saying that in an of itself, the purl stitch seems easier to do.
Now, I can definitely understand how people could dislike ribbing (you’ll note below, that my life has been ribbing hell for the last week or so).
Bringing the yarn back and forth between each stitch can get tiresome.  It’s the main reason I’m not a huge fan of ribbing.  But I blame myself for my technique, which is perhaps less efficient than many other knitters.  I’ve tried learning to pick my knit and purl stitches, and while I can do it, it’s never become comfortable, and I also can’t keep a consistent tension…yet.
But I will continue to try.

Current Knitting

Working mainly on two projects these days…the top-down raglan pullover, and a new project…a zipper cardigan vest for Thaddeus’ Aunt Dorothy.
Top-Down Raglan 08-06-14
Dorothy Ribbing Close
On the raglan pullover, you’ll note I’ve begun the ribbing on the body.  I’m liking this sweater more and more as I progress.
Despite being on the ribbing for my other project, that one is just beginning, although the ribbing is almost complete.  Not my favorite color yarn, but I think she’ll like it.

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