Shit Knit Swatch

Oh Shit!

I was all excited about blogging today so I could show off all the work I’ve finished on the sleeveless cardigan I’m making for Thaddeus’ Aunt Dorothy.

Then This Happened

I was prepping the project for a photo shoot and realized I must have had a different dye lot on one of the balls of yarn and the color is noticeably different.
Sweater Vest 08-21-14
I’m also not too thrilled with how noticeable the row is where I joined the yarns when I switched balls.
I like the design of the sweater, so I’m thinking this will make a nice test run of the design.  You’ll notice, I added a band of Fair Isle design above the arm hole shaping…here’s what it looks like closer up.
Sweater Vest 08-21-14 Detail
I have no idea how to size this garment for Aunt Dorothy, other than her claim to be a size 10 (which means very little) and I have no way of accessing her closet to measure something that fits her currently.  So, I’m thinking I’ll just finish this design and tell her it was a test-run to get her sizing right.  That way I can adjust on the final version.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Robert writes about at the Top-Down Raglan I’ve also got in progress, “I love the effect of the diagonal line of the raglan in a different color as well as your color choice….I’m not at all clear how your managed the color transition along the diagonal lines on either side. Is there a pattern?”
As you surmised in a follow-up comment, it is intarsia.  I just made up four butterfly bobbins of the green yarn and used the two stitches of green as my “marker” for raglan increases.



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