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Time For a Break

Last week was an avalanche of challenges.  Fortunately I escaped unscathed.

People My Age Need More Naps!

Last week Thaddeus’s hard drive crashed, I realized I had an errant dye lot in my sweater project, there was a privacy issue breach on some volunteer service work I’m involved with, and I got dinged for being non-cooperative at work during my mid-year review.
I’m honestly incredibly grateful that all of my problems are problems of abundance…or first-world issues, if you will.
Truth be told, the computer place diagnosed and fixed Thaddeus’s computer in less than 24 hours and he had a full and recent back-up of the entire drive which took about 3 hours to restore.
The sweater is a great pilot-test and one I will probably send to Thaddeus’ aunt for test-sizing.
And getting negative feedback at work is never fun, but honestly, it was very useful to hear, and I can fix it easily at this stage in the game.
I still need more naps or a vacation soon.

Current Knitting/Spinning

I did continue on with Aunt Dorothy’s cardigan vest and it’s looking lovely (if you can ignore the band of lighter yarn across the center of the entire sweater).
Sweater Vest 08-25-14
Just realized that last night when I three-needle-bound-off the shoulder seam, I twisted the garment, so I’ll have to re-do that as well (I blame lack of naps).
I also finally got to card the Llama fleece I got from Teri at Wunsapana Farms and the drum carder worked perfectly for this fiber.

Lulu Carding

Lulu Roving

Can’t wait to start spinning it up!  Here’s a photo of some of Teri’s beautiful llamas – Lulu is second from the left in this shot.

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