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Cleaning Up

This past weekend was a 3-day weekend in the States, and I took the opportunity to begin some re-organization of my yarn and projects.

Attention Deficit Knitting Disorder (ADKD) Strikes Again

I opened a filing box in my living room, where I threw knitting projects I wanted to hide when guests came over, and it was filled with Kureyon Sock yarn, an old sock project using Briar Rose Angel Face Laceweight yarn and US0000 needles.
Yellow Sock 10-12-08
I had made no additional progress since 2008, so I pulled it all out and put away the tiny needles.
I also found a pair of my hand knit socks with a hole in the toe that I had obviously stored for later fixing.  I took the remainder of the weekend fixing the toes .
Toe Fix Sock
Toe Fix Sock Close
I love the design of these socks (from a pattern by Marlowe Crawford called Oliver) and now it’s like I have a new pair of socks to wear.
I’ll get back to organizing another holiday weekend.

Current Knitting

Finally, I also worked on Aunt Dorothy’s vest.
And this is the biggest success story, thanks to reader/normally lurker Holly, who wrote:

Hi. I’m usually just a lurker– Have you considered running a row or two of duplicate stitch to match in with the Fair Isle at the places where the lighter skein is? It might blend it in?

Why hadn’t I thought of this?  What a brilliant idea.  I ended up added two single duplicate stitch stripes in purple to the garment, and while the color differentiation is still a little noticeable, it’s completely acceptable in my humble opinion!

Sweater Vest 08-31-14

I’ve also decide to add snaps to the garment instead of a zipper, so all I have to do is finish the last small section of duplicate stitch (which was fun to do…I had never done this before) and buy some snaps and wash/block this baby.
Happy as hell…all thanks to Holly!

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