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New Jersey’s Best

Having grown up most of my life in New Jersey and living about 1 mile from the border of New Jersey, I probably have a different concept of this state than most folks that have never been here.

Sheep Breeder Festival

Driving on Route 95 through New Jersey or watching Housewives of New Jersey doesn’t count as having been to New Jersey.  They’re both aspects of the state that I don’t find overly accurate in how they portray the Garden State.
New Jersey is known as the Garden State because of all it’s lush farmland.  It also boasts a beautiful Pinelands, beautiful lakes, and fantastic beaches.
Each year, the Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival (GSSBF), in rural Ringoes, NJ gets better and better.  I honestly hope it never gets as big as Maryland Sheep & Wool or Rhinebeck…both of which I find overwhelming and way too crowded.
While GSSBF is pretty small (three barns compared to like 72 at Rhinebeck), I always find one or two indie fiber artists who have something worth buying.
I bought the following yarn.
Taylored Fibers Superfine Alpaca Close

Current Crochet

In between meeting lovely people like Hayes, Lisa and Amber, I also thought it might be a prudent idea to start working on weaving in ends for my current Spiked Crochet Afghan.
Crochet Spiked Afghan
It’s always so satisfying to get ahead on finishing when I can.
Next blog entry, I’ll post status photos of all current WI’sP.

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