Circular Cable Needles All

Needle Preference

This topic has come up in many of my knitting related on-line forums, but I definitely have a preference when it comes to knitting needles.

Knitting Flat and In The Round

So for knitting flat pieces like the back of a sweater, a scarf or a blanket, I will always go to Addi Turbo needles.  Depending on how many stitches I have to knit, I will try to find an Addi Turbo with the correct length cable.  I find 16″ (40 cm) are too short for anything that I knit and don’t find them comfortable at all.  24″ (60 cm) are the shortest I will go.
So, I’ve developed quite a collection of Addi turbos (as well as some others).  If I must switch to something other than the Addi Turbos, I’d most probably go with KnitPicks Harmony needles.  They’re pretty and comfortable to use, but I don’t find the cable to be quite as useful as the Addi’s.
As for circular knitting (small items, like socks, gloves or the ends of sleeves), the Knitter’s Pride Karbonz double pointed needles are by far my favorites.  Perfect amount of “grab”, lightweight, nice looking and they’re extremely durable.  I’ve only recently started my collection of these needles, but it will definitely be growing.
Since today’s current project is on a crochet project, I have to say, I’ve gotten quite used to using my Bernat-Aero crochet hooks, but I don’t think those are easily obtainable, and I’m much less picky about my crochet hooks.

Current Crochet

I’ve added a number of stripes to the Spiked Crochet Afghan project.
Spiked Crochet Afghan 09-14-14
Quick measurement shows I’ve got about 11″ in height and it’s about 68″ wide.  The fabric is a bit more dense than I prefer, but i don’t think I’d get the same visual effect if I went with a looser gauge fabric, and this project is all about the visual illusion for me.

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