Green Cowl

CSI – Knit Fabric Division

One of my knitting-related Facebook groups has been trying to investigate, or reverse-engineer a cowl that one of the members likes.

Don’t Be Distracted

If you look closely at the fabric, it appears to be some combination of stockinette, reverse stockinette and garter stitch….perhaps some of the stockinette is really 1×1 ribbing…hard to tell.
At first I thought it might be a brioche stitch.

Brioche Garter Swatch 3

While I love the fabric that this created (and will probably use it in a future design), it didn’t replicate the cowl (at all!).
Then I thought, perhaps it was really double-knitting and garter rib.
DK Stockinette Garter Swatch
This seemed closer to me, but wasn’t right…it was a rather thick and rigid fabric, unlike the seeming drapiness of the cowl.
Then I thought I’d do a slip stitch stockinette interspersed with a garter band.
Slip Stitch Stockinette Garter Rib Swatch
Slip Stitch Stockinette Garter Rib Swatch
I still don’t think this is correct, but it’s the closest I’ve been able to get using a basic worsted weight wool.

Current Knitting

I’m testing-knitting a new yarn with a possible new scarf design.
MJ Chevron Scarf
I’m loving the yarn, and I think once blocked, the scarf (and associated stitch pattern) will look great.
I’ll write a bit more about both the scarf and the yarn in my next blog entry.

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